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Empowering Female-Athletes On & Off The Field!

Welcome to my Academy! Whether you train with me in person or are a virtual member, you are a part of my community and my team! As a member of my Academy I promise you this – I will train you to be a solid hitter and/or a solid catcher. I will give you the tools to believe in yourself, believe in your dreams and love yourself. If you put in the work on your end, I will make you strong – physically, mentally and emotionally. You will work hard, I will hold you accountable and I will be here for you every step of your journey. Most importantly, you will be part of a community that builds each other up, celebrates each other and pushes each other to be better every single day.

Coaches and parents – this is for you too! YOU are the primary sources of knowledge and confidence when it comes to an athletes development and you have the power to influence beyond measure. The more you can reinforce consistent and proper physical mechanics, mental skills and help them with drills, their understanding and your working relationship will greatly improve. Coaching females is a unique experience, when done properly, you will make an impact that will last a life time…if not done properly, you run the risk of killing motivation and losing trust. 

The core of my coaching centers around training the WHOLE athlete – Physically, Mentally and Emotionally. The academic, athletic and social demands placed upon middle school and high school female-students athletes overwhelmes what they are naturally equipped to handle. While I love training strong and successful catchers and hitters, my ultimate goal is to teach our young ladies to build their own self-confidence, know their self-worth, stand up for themselves in challenging situations and love who they see in the mirror every day. 

Through athletics we set our young ladies up for success in life by instilling the personal development soft skills of positive self-talk, goal setting, gratitude, communication, leadership, time management, conflict resolution and learning from failure. At the end of the day, I want all of my athletes to DREAM BIG and have the tools to WIN.EVERY.DAY in the classroom, on the playing field and in life! 

Find the perfect coaching plan for you!

Train from home

Through my Online Academy, you will have access to my library of instructional videos, drills, workouts, mental skills and personal development content and recruiting guidance. Additionally, you will be added to my exclusive Facebook Academy Group for daily accountability, motivation and mentorship!

Virtual assessment & Training

You can now train with me from anywhere! Send me practice and/or game footage for assessment, feedback and improvement recommendations! I will provide a redlined breakdown of mechanics and drill suggestions. You will get 3 submissions a week for feedback & guidance!


All camps are designed to enhance the athlete's skill and experience levels. Athletes can expect high energy and in-depth mechanical instruction, mental skills and personal development training.

Train with Me

My private one-on-one training is more than just an hourly lesson, I design a training regime for catchers and hitters specific to the athlete’s skill level and goals. Workouts will include injury prevention, strength and conditioning, mental skills personal development and recruiting guidance. My athletes are a part of my family.

Train From Home Instructional Video Examples

Virtual Assessment Example

"My daughter Malori started working with Ashlie when she was about 12. I cannot say enough about the impact she had on my daughter. She not only coached Mal on all techniques a great catcher needs to succeed, but she also instilled a desire for the game as well as the confidence to be a leader on and off of the field. All of the coaching and pushing allowed Mal to play Division 1 softball at a great school. Thank you for all you did and do Ashlie. If I had 10 daughters who wanted to catch, you would be the only one I would trust. "
Mark Pojar
Proud Parent

Coming Soon!

The Win.Every.Day Journal & Planner is the ultimate resource for student-athlete goal setting, goal tracking, time management and personal development.

For a student-athlete to be successful on and off of the field, we need to give them the tools to build confidence, achieve their goals and manage demanding schedules. Win.Every.Day is not a tagline, it’s a mentality that leads to confidence, motivation and success. 

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