Develop the whole athlete - physically, mentally & EMOTIONALLY

Get ready to work hard, dream big and achieve your goals! Softball is more than just game, it’s a platform for personal development that will set you up for success in life!


Ashlie Rowley taught both of my girls, and many of the players I coached tremendous softball AND life skills - Any instruction from Ashlie is an investment, not an expense!!
Ceri Anderson
Mom of 2 Division I Softball Players & Club Coach

Choose the perfect plan

There are a variety of Membership and training opportunities available. Each are unique and are dependent upon your goals and desired training level! At the core of each of these opportunities is my private mentoring group. This is a group where we have daily leadership development and confidence building conversations, as well as motivational training discussions.

Online academy basic membership


Per month

Online academy membership Plus


Per month

Hybrid Catcher Development Training Program


Per month

Membership Option Details

Online instructional academy basic membership:



Members have unlimited access to my library of the following catching and hitting expertise as well as recruiting guidance. This information is intended to give you access to Division I level skill instruction as I deconstruct the mechanics associated with each skill to ensure you understand how the mechanics work and WHY we do what we do. Instructional videos are then followed up by specific drills designed to reinforce the mechanics, provide repetition and build muscle memory. There are over 100 instructional videos and drills currently in the library.

  • Catching Instructional Videos & Drills
  • Hitting Instructional Videos & Drills
  • Recruiting Guidance Information

Additionally, Members of this Plan gain inclusion into my private Academy Mentoring Group for daily conversations regarding best practices, new drill, motivation and a positive community!

Online instructional academy plus membership:


Assessment EXAMPLES:

Members have unlimited access to everything included in the basic Membership Plan  PLUS biweekly video assessment reviews!

How does this work?
Twice a month (every other week), athletes can upload and send me videos (practice and/or game footage) to review. I take the videos, break them down and provide voice over coaching so the athlete can see what I see. I then suggest drills for improvement! All drills are located in the Online Library. 

All you need is a smart phone!

Athletes in this Plan are included in my private Academy Mentoring Group and have access to DM me with any questions and are included in group catching and/or hitting training and motivation conversation!

Hybrid CAtcher Development Training Program

$125 (6 mo. Agreement)

Athlete Training Dashboard Example:

The Hybrid Catcher Development Program is a training program designed to teach and train catchers regardless of their geographic location and fit in with the time constraints of busy schedules. Quality catching instruction is tough to find regardless of where you live and I don’t want location and schedules to limit your ability to learn proper mechanics, get stronger, work toward your goals and have a positive influence in your life!

Through the intentional framework of this program, I will teach you the proper mechanics associated with each skill inherent in the catcher position. Through and initial evaluation and strategically constructed weekly workouts, I will teach you proper mechanics and build a solid foundation to then push you to be stronger, quicker, faster, consistent etc. With a mix of skill specific drills and strength and conditioning drills, you can expect to grow in performance and strength resulting in increased performance on the field (and have a lot of fun)! 

It doesn’t stop here though… we will also implement mental skills and goal setting applications to ensure we are not only training and preparing your body, but also teaching and training your mind. If you know anything about me, my ultimate passion and goal is to teach female athletes out to control a positive mindset, establish and control their inner self confidence, set realistic goals, and become leaders both on and off of the field!


  • Division I caliber instruction from a former Division I level catcher and coach.
  • A workout plan that includes training sessions for MULTIPLE days during the week. So often, 1:1 training sessions are for 1 hour once a week. This plan provides MORE repetitions and teaches the athlete the importance of time management and accountability.
  • Visual Instruction – Is has been said, 65% of the population are visual learners, when an athlete sees themselves (and others) performing a skill, slowed down and marked up, they have a better understanding of what they are trying to do, resulting is a quicker learning/ mastery process.
  • Modeling – ” Many great leaders have proven that the fastest way to master any skill, strategy or goal in life is to model those who have already forged the path ahead. If you can find someone who is already getting the results that you want and take the same actions they are taking, you can get the same results.” I was taught by a Team USA National Team Catcher and Coach, I was a catcher and Team Captain at the University of Florida and have trained many, many, many, many catchers that have gone on to successful collegiate careers! I’ve been there and know what it takes to get there!
  • A mentorship relationship with a positive female influence.
  • A really cool experience!


Each athlete gets their own Training Dashboard, this is where workouts, assessments and instructions for the week are located.

We start off with an initial skill evaluation (either in person or virtually). From there I develop a personalized development plan inclusive of:

  • A Training Plan for each week.
  • A specific workout plan and regime – This includes a personalized video message from me and links to all drills in each workout. 
  • Any video assessments sent in by the athlete.
Additionally, each athlete gets a monthly 1:1 call with me, as well as, inclusion in a monthly call with ALL of my Academy catchers! In these calls we talk through situations, answer any questions and build up our community! All athletes have a direct line of communication to me for questions or feedback.

What they are saying...

Coach Rowley has been invaluable to my daughter's development as a confident young woman, catcher and leader. Her individualized approach to assessing the strengths and weaknesses has allowed my daughter to advance her catching fundamentals, on-field team management, and success.

Tim Heronimus

She's someone who will care about your success on and off the field. Knows the game, knows how to develop softball skills and push you through barriers you never thought you'd pass. Playing for her changed my mindset as a player and a young female. Without her guidance, no way I would've been mentally strong enough to work in the industry I do today. Thank you coach!

Haley Paxton