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Through my online training program, you have access to my library of instructional videos, workouts, drills and mental skills personal development content. Additionally, you will be added to my private Facebook group for daily accountability, motivation and mentorship! Be part of a culture that breeds confidence, hard work sets female student-athletes up for success on and off of the field!

  • Catching Instructional Videos
  • Catching Drills
  • Strength & Conditioning Workouts for Catchers
  • Hitting Instructional Videos
  • Hitting Drills
  • Recruiting Guidance Information
  • New content added monthly!

*Automatic renewal each month. Must cancel before renewal date. No refunds.


Log in from anywhere to received step by step instructional breakdown and drills for hitters, catchers and coaches! Receive mental skills tools and application guidance, softball specific strength and conditioning, recruiting guidance and more! Be party of my exclusive community who encourages female athletes to think positively, work hard toward their goals and build each other up!

This is more than a game, it’s a culture, it’s an experience, it’s a lifestyle! Let’s go Win.Every.Day! 

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